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The Art of Conscious Loving Tantra: The Art of Conscious Loving
by Charles Muir, Caroline Muir

With the fear of AIDS and with couples too tired to tango because of double careers and parenting, sex is losing its luster. This unprecedented book familiarizes readers with physical, spiritual, and emotional methods of achieving ecstasy in love.

Gay TantraGay Tantra
by William Schindler

Sex and spirituality are two topics guaranteed to arouse strong feelings in gay-identified persons because of the history of religious persecution of gay people. Many of us were taught explicitly or implicitly that sex, especially gay sex, is the opposite of spirituality. Gay popular culture thrives in the senses, be it opera, disco, or leather. Furthermore, our sensuality is deeply rooted in homoeroticism, in the inescapable fact that we inhabit bodies likely to be erotically stimulating to ourselves. We need a spirituality that works with our sensuality, not against it. Traditional Hindu Tantra offers us exactly this type of spirituality. GAY TANTRA reveals how traditional Hindu Tantra may be adapted to serve the unique spiritual aptitudes and needs of gay-identified persons of any gender. The book demonstrates how a fully integrated gay identity can be a positive aid in the quest for enlightenment.

The Tantric Path to Awakening Desire: The Tantric Path to Awakening
by Daniel Odier, Clare Marie Frock (Translator)

The old saw in Buddhism is that desire is the noxious weed that keeps us lurching from one unsatisfactory pleasure to the next, and that uprooting it is the only way to liberation. Daniel Odier, a scholar and teacher of tantra, turns this wisdom on its head in Desire: The Tantric Path to Awakening, saying that desire is the only true path to liberation. Odier objects to any religion that pretends to offer liberation in any form other than simple, personal experience. Stemming from the Tibetan master Kalu Rinpoche and the Kashmiri Shaivite yogini Lalita Devi, Odier's tantrism focuses on "micropractices," conscious withdrawal from habitual activities for just a few seconds several times a day. The crux is to attain consciousness, presence--and beyond this, there is no goal. For when there is eventually presence in every activity, the luminosity of existence pervades everything. At this point, the smallest things give pleasure. Gross desires fall away, to be replaced by spontaneous desires arising in a life of grace and joy. Odier's Desire is a challenge and a pleasure to all who feel constricted by ordinary religious practice.

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