Don't give your opinion unless asked
By TeamPMM on Wednesday January 11, 2023

If someone is "telling you" how to do Polyamory or Ethical Non Monogamy and you didn't ask their opinion, walk away.

Absolutely no one on this planet is an expert on the subject.

Yes, some may have experience, some may have acquired certifications and doctorates in the human condition and sexuality, and some may have run an ENM dating site for nearly 15 years, however everyday we each learn something new about the subject.

People who are humble enough to accept that everyone sees the subject differently are the ones that should probably be consulted.

Those who have only their narrow, unyielding opinions should be shown the door!

💜 ThePolyMatchMaker


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Asian Lives Matter ALWAYS
Black Lives Matter ALWAYS
Indigenous Lives Matter ALWAYS
LGBTQQIAAP+ /Non-Binary/Non-Cis/Gender non specified Lives Matter ALWAYS
Persons of Color Lives Matter ALWAYS
Trans Lives Matter ALWAYS
Ukrainian Lives Matter ALWAYS

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