By TeamPMM on Thursday December 01, 2022

We here at PMM are brutally aware of what is going on in the world. We see the effects of hate and intolerance daily in the news, feeds, and forums that we ourselves read on a daily basis.

Just yesterday, a new member who is obviously steadfast in their affiliations and beliefs wrote within their bio their desire for a certain person to be hurt because their beliefs are the opposite of the person they named.

PMM has always been a safe space for anyone wishing to find that special someone or someone(s) and it is important that whomever anyone connects with should have an alignment in some way.

BUT - when someone within their bio suggests a violent act on anyone currently alive, that IS hate speech.

Needless to say, you, dear member, will never see that bio because we blocked it.

The (attempted) new member was alerted that hate speech will not be tolerated here.

>> PMM is not Twitter <<
>> PolyMatchMaker is not Twitter <<

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