Wishing everyone a happy, safe, joyous, and loving Pride!
By TeamPMM on Wednesday June 01, 2022

Wishing everyone a happy, safe, joyous, and loving Pride!

An individuals right to choose who they love is a fundamental belief of PolyMatchMaker and we fully support all members of the LGBTQQIAAP+ community.

lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transexual, queer, questioning, intersex, ally, asexual, and pansexual

Remember, Pride isn’t just a singular month. Pride is 24/7/365 and we carry it in our hearts.

(**The following resources are available to support the LGBTQQIAAP+ community. PolyMatchMaker.com, and its parent company CV are not a affiliated with any of these businesses, organizations, or websites however happy to share their links. We do not control the content of these websites, nor if they are free from malware. We have noted sites that are “not secure” meaning they may not have internet secure certificates or SSL. Make sure that you always use anti-virus software installed on your phone and/or internet device and/or computer before clicking these links.)

Resources about how Pride started.
Library of Congress https://guides.loc.gov/lgbtq-studies/stonewall-era
Lib Guides https://libguides.ccga.edu/gaypride/stonewall

Resources on how to support Pride

Other resources
National Center for Lesbian Rights https://www.nclrights.org/
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Community Center https://gaycenter.org/resources/
Bi.org https://bi.org
National Center for Transgender Equality https://transequality.org/
Gender Justice League https://www.genderjusticeleague.org/
Intersex Society of North America https://isna.org/
Asexual Visibility & Education Network http://www.asexuality.org/ (NOT SECURE LINK)
--- More resources can be found by seeking out your specific interest via Google Search.



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(in alphabetical order only)
Asian Lives Matter ALWAYS
Black Lives Matter ALWAYS
Indigenous Lives Matter ALWAYS
LGBTQQIAAP+ /Non-Binary/Non-Cis/Gender non specified Lives Matter ALWAYS
Persons of Color Lives Matter ALWAYS
Trans Lives Matter ALWAYS
Ukrainian Lives Matter ALWAYS

Non-Monogamous, Consensual Non-Monogamous, Ethical Non-Monogamous, Ethically Non-Monogamous, Responsible Non-Monogamy, Polyamorous, Poly, Polyamory, Open Relationships, Multi-partnered, Triad, Quad, Policy-fi, Network Dating & Relationships.