"Ethical Non-Monogamy" (ENM) as it is defined by PolyMatchMaker.
By TeamPMM on Tuesday March 08, 2022

Hi There!

Today we'd love to discuss the term "Ethical Non-Monogamy" (ENM) as it is defined by PolyMatchMaker.

Once there is an understanding of where you may fit within the Ethical Non-Monogamous world, it will be easier to find others who share your vision of a perfect ENM connection on PolyMatchMaker!

Besides, this subject is very much our favorite discussion point! Yep, it's PMM's thing.


What is ENM or Ethical Non-Monogamy?

ENM describes a person who has, or is open to having, more than one romantic, sexual, and/or non-sexual partner at a time. This is with the full knowledge and consent of all their current partners.

(Animation for ENM = https://www.polymatchmaker.com/go/enm)


How do you fit into ENM?

It’s not always an easy task to self-reflect on where you may fit into ENM. Research may be required. To help with that, we’ve listed PMM’s top 4 ethically non-monogamous sub-categories:

- Polyamory
- Open-relationships
- Relationship Anarchy
- Swinging

Read about these, and a many more terms directly on PMM's Glossary Page by going to this link: https://www.polymatchmaker.com/main.mvc?Screen=HTML&Page=polyglossary (You do not need to be a member to view our glossary)




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