There isn't 1 way to do Ethical Non-monogamy
By TeamPMM on Monday July 13, 2020

Quick note here as we have received member tickets regarding the subject....

There isn't one way to do Ethical Non-Monogamy, meaning EVERYONE can create meaningful experiences as they each sit fit., this site, has 3 rules when it comes to Ethical Non-Monogamy.
- Consensual agreements between everyone involved whether romantic or not
- All parties involved must be over the age of consent which according to this site is 18 years old or older. Anyone looking for ENM in any form with persons under the age of consent is not welcomed on this site.
- All parties involved must have an ethical outlook towards they way they view Ethical Non-Monogamy. Ethical is defined as "moral principles that govern a person's behavior or the conducting of an activity."

YOU do not have to alter or change your principles for anyone. Period.

Got questions about this? Feel free to send in a ticket via the Contact Us button at the top of the site to create a ticket.

Black Lives Matter
Trans Lives Matter


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