Improve your profile and you may improve your chances of meeting the right partner(s) (Round3)
By TeamPMM on Wednesday December 26, 2018

Creating a profile can be a daunting task. Especially one where you are seeking either multiple connections or you are already partnered and looking for another connection.

Consider answering these questions when making a profile on (PMM):

Within your biography:
a. Specify why you are interesting.
b. Detail your own personal beliefs in ethical non-monogamy, poly, etc.
c. List what you are going to bring to the table and offering.
d. Be forthcoming about your end goal be it FWB, relationship, an encounter, or all of the above.
e. Avoid using words like “must” and “you should”. Using these types of words means you are not flexible. Who wants someone in their life that isn’t flexible?

Within what you are looking for:
a. Think about and list positives over negatives but be brutally honest about what you will not accept from a potential partner. This section is very important and must be thorough without being overly wordy.


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