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By TeamPMM on Sunday February 04, 2018

On rare occasion we receive tickets from members stating that they aren't getting any traction on finding appropriate matches.

PMM has tools - USE them! Here are some things to think about.

1 - Do you just log in to be at the top of the "Who's online lately"?
This is a bad move. It shows a would-be match that all you do is spend your time online.

2 - Do you only look at your "tracker"?
Really? There are so many things wrong here. If you are searching for a match, this act is surely all about you and not about them.

3 - Do you think search isn't working?
Really, it's working great! Try altering your search parameters to utilize the full power of the search engine. Remember that not everyone lives by you. Additionally, if your criteria is super specific, your results will be throttled. Open your mind to possibilities!

4 - Are you waiting for a poke?
Stop staring and wondering, make a move! Send the first poke and get the conversation started!

Ta for now!

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