Let’s have a real conversation about ethical non-monogamy
By TeamPMM on Monday November 06, 2017

Over the years, entertainment houses and the media have attempted to give the masses a glimpse of non-monogamy in various forms – the question is, are the viewpoints of these shows, movies, and specials a realistic view of what it is to be truly ethically non-monogamous?

PolyMatchMaker was founded on the principle of “Ethical Non-Monogamy”. ENM is the philosophy of open and honest communications around non-monogamy between consenting adults. Various agreements in non-monogamy can be made however all parties involved are aware of each other. Other terms for ENM can be “consensual non-monogamy” however, consensual may or may not be “ethical”.

It is up to each and every individual on how to approach ethical non-monogamy and define what their own personal boundaries would be. Remember that boundaries are personal and not global meaning that ones boundaries are not lines in the sand for someone else, but rather yourself.

With that said it is important to take time to define your ultimate outcome and desires. For some, there is a magic number of people within a “relationship”. For others, the idea of hierarchical relationship building is absolute and yet others look at create a “network” of people and relationships.

While all of these goals are great, by no means should you feel pressured to follow them.

To help you have a real conversation with yourself about ethical non-monogamy we have created this short questionnaire. Remember that we, PolyMatchMaker.com created this list – so if you choose to use it, copy it, distribute it – credit us and drop in our website URL: www.PolyMatchMaker.com

Ethical Non-Monogamous Questionnaire – The short version
1 - Can I accept that people are not property?
2 - Can I accept that jealousy is a part of growth?
3 - Can I accept that someone I love may love someone else more than me?
4 - Can I accept that my boundaries are not the boundaries of other people?
5 - Can I accept that sex does not equal love?
6 - Can I accept that each of my relationships may grow separately from each other?
7 - Can I accept that people will come and go in my life?
8 - Can I accept being alone especially if I am already in a relationship?
9 - If I am in an existing relationship, can I accept that my partner may want a relationship outside of ours?
10 - Can I accept my partners having intimate relationships without me?
11 - Can I accept my partners having deep emotional connections with others?

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