Pop Culture and Ethical Non-Monogamy
By TeamPMM on Friday September 04, 2015

Hi All!

Over the next few months TeamPMM plans to write observational articles about what it sees as the evolution of Ethical Non-Monogamy.

This article focuses on current trends in Pop Culture and its direct effect on multi-partner relationships.

Let's start out by stating TeamPMM's philosophy of Ethical Non-Monogamy. According to the guidelines set for TeamPMM to manage this site, it believes that Ethical Non-Monogamy is "being open and honest with all partners about the level of intimacy with each partner involved". Obviously, that statement is broad with good reason. It covers many variations; most of which can be found beneath the signature line of this very article or on the home page of www.polymatchmaker.com .

Pop Culture according to dictionary.com is "cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of general masses of people".

So what seems to be our current state of Pop Culture? From TeamPMM's point of view, and in no particular order, the types of interests to be found on www.polymatchmaker.com include video gaming, gaming in general, cosplay, role-play, hyper-focused new realities, comics, other worlds, geekdom, creativity, DIY, open and bending sexual and non-sexual preferences, kink positivity and acceptance, multi-partner relationship acceptance. Note that sexual orientation, sexual preference, and gender / non-gender topics have not been added to this list, as they are not considered Pop Culture but rather a positive and needed change within social norms.

These captivating interests are much broader than those in the early years of this site; this is an amazing transformation of membership-base and shows the continued upward trend in membership diversity as well as ethical non-monogamous acceptance into all major aspects of Pop-Culture.

A perfect example of current Pop Culture trends can be found in sites like www.geekyfreaky.com; a site and group dedicated to bring together cosplay, kink, and geekdom in a fun and positive ethically non-monogamous way. Though www.polymatchmaker.com and www.geekyfreaky.com are completely separate entities, the main idea shared by both independent organizations is, be honest about who you are and what you want out of life.

As TeamPMM has mentioned so often within past articles, use your membership biographies as a descriptor; not just who you are looking for, but a forum of who you are as well as your interests and desires. Terms, key-words, and word specific interests that are listed within the biography and description sections of your profiles are searchable within www.polymatchmaker.com's "search" feature - therefore make a match with shared interest as well!

A special thanks to www.geekyfreaky.com for allowing us to write a bit about their site; it was wonderful meeting them and we are thrilled to have had the chance to chat about shared ideals and beliefs in open, honest, ethical relationships.

Ta for now!


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