PolyMatchMaker.com - Relaunch 2014
By Abbie_Masse on Friday November 07, 2014

Hi and welcome to the new PolyMatchMaker.com

If you are a returning member, please note the new easy-to-use access across the site. If you are a new member, welcome to (in our opinion) the coolest interface on the planet.

Here is a quick breakdown while viewing the site from a desktop or tablet

Top of Screen. Also known as "The purple bar
1 - The “greater than” sign or “arrows” function is to collapse the left navigation button. If you press it, the left navigation button will close and will display as small icons. While the small icons are here, the “greater than” function turns into a hamburger menu bar. If clicked again, everything reverts back.

2 - “On Lately” is a shortcut to view who’s been on lately.. This feature is particularly fun if you on any other screen such as search or a bio to see who else logged onto the site without having to go back to the home page.

3 - “Search” This is an obvious one, but when clicked, the system brings you to a search page

4 - “Your Icon” or the “Circle”. This fun section has quick links that includes view and edit your profile, re-run your last search, mailbox, etcetera

5 - “Contact Us” is used to reach us. This is our internal ticket system.

Left Navigation Bar
6 - The “Left Nav Bar” contains all links for the site from your account to legal. Remember that you can toggle it to close by clicking on the “greater than” symbol in the purple bar at the top of the page.

The “body” or the meat of the page
7 - Your “Dashboard” is segmented into several meaningful parts. All of which can quickly get you to where you need to be within the site.

8 - The first section is “Search”. Choose criteria that works best for you however, never forget to have an open mind. One never knows who’s out there so make sure that your searches are broad.

9 - “Favorites” is a section that you actually fill in yourself. As you view member profiles, each profile has a “Heart” near to the member info. When you click that heart, that profile will be added to your list. In addition a small flag will appear next to their name within the “Who’s been on lately” if they are in the list.

10 - “Views” section is dedicated to those who have viewed your profile. If you want to see who’s interested in you, click it!

11 - “Current Member Status”. This area simply states which type of member you are on the site.

12 - “Your Photos”. We cannot tell you how important having an image is when on the site. People are visual, they want to see you! Within this section you can add additional photos as well as prioritize which one appears first within search.

13 - “Important Dates” These are recognition dates of when you joined, your last log in, etcetera.

14 - “Inbox” and “Pokes” should be easy.

Have fun!

Abbie Masse

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