Some PMM truths - are all the websites you use like this?
By TeamPMM on Sunday October 26, 2014 truths

1. PMM does not sell your information
2. PMM does not offer your demographic information to anyone, including the media
3. PMM does not allow advertising without screening first
4. PMM uses custom-built software and not an off-the-shelf cookie-cutter template
5. PMM is searchable only when one becomes a member
6. PMM respects the privacy of its members
7. PMM has been serving its community for nearly 15 years
8. PMM does not lease or buy membership data. This means that every profile on this site was made by someone joining this site. In addition, and VERY important, PMM does not use the database of other sites mixed with its own which would lead to skewing membership numbers.
9. PMM does not discriminate dependent on any ethical non-monogamy facet as long as the desire is legal and between consenting adults over the age of 18 years.
10. PMM has no affiliation with any other entities meaning that the purpose of this site is to provide community for the membership on this site.
11. PMM has no political or activist motivation. This means, as #10 states, the purpose of this site is to provide community for the membership and not towards any other organization.
12. PMM does not use copy or text from other websites or written word without expressed permission and detailed within the copy. All general copy written for the site was written by a member of TeamPMM.

Abbie Masse

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