Post your photo -and you could potentially get more interest!
By Abbie_Masse on Thursday August 14, 2014

Hi PMMers!

Can you believe it's almost Fall? What happened to the year?

In an effort to continually help those who are seeking out partners here on remember that most people are visual. Though you may have an outstanding biography and are clear in your intent, if you don' have a good / clear picture of yourself on your profile, the chances of a "connection" become slimmer.

Yes, it may sound shallow, but is the truth.

So, if you have an old our outdated photo - update it!

If you don't have any photo's at all - put one on your profile.

Try to avoid the "group" photos to where no one reading your bio would know which person in the image is you.

In closing, and as always, if you have any general questions about ethical non-monogamy or you want an assessment of your biography and need suggestions - send me a free PMM mail. *

Hugs to all!

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