New Canadian Law taking effect on July 1st
By Cyberfunk on Thursday May 22, 2014

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It has come to our attention that a new law is coming into effect on July 1st, 2014, that forbids anyone living in, or residing in, or using a Canadian host/email exchange, to receive emails without "pre-approving" the sender of said email prior to receipt. Simply put, if we do not have "your" (members) individual approval to send emails to you, such as notifications of pokes and/or standard PMM messages, you will NOT receive them no matter what your membership level is.

"But I don't live in Canada, so how come this affects me?"

The simple answer is, because the web really is world-wide. Maybe you want to talk to someone in Canada? Or maybe someone that lives near Canada whose email provider resided in Canada. Or they are just passing through Canada for a vacation and still want to receive emails. This new laws directly affects email not even intended for Canada, but just happens to use Canadian servers.

So, this is what we MUST do and do quickly.

In about a week or two, you will receive an email from PMM instructing you to come back to the site immediately and confirm that you agree to get emails from PMM. This is a blanket agreement covering all emails to you and you must agree to it in order to continue using PMM. After approval, you can go into your account settings to pick and choose what types of emails you will receive. Changing your options right now does not exempt you from agreeing to this document later. Membership level does not automatically green-light PMM notification email approval. There is nothing we can do; we must comply.

Again for clarity, this approval carries the same weight as approving the Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to this upcoming "approval of PMM notification emails" you will not be able to access any member area of PMM nor will anyone be able to contact you.

As a point of note--All websites that send out emails to their members/clients/friends must figure out a way to do this too.

In closing, there is nothing to do today, but be aware that the next time you log in after the notice you will be automatically triggered (one time) to click "I approve PMM notification emails to be sent to me" so that we remain in compliance of this new law. Once you have checked the box, PMM notification emails will continue to the email address you had provided us. If you choose to skip coming back to the site when the mass email is received, that's your choice.

New memberships to PMM after that date will automatically see the check box for the "approval of PMM notification emails" as it will be part of their initial sign-up process.

Thank you for your understanding,

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