Here are quick tips to writing a good profile;
By Abbie_Masse on Tuesday June 11, 2013

Want to make a good first impression?

Here are quick tips to writing a good profile;

1 - " Positivity. Positivity and conveying the ability to be happy carries a lot of weight when other members read your PMM profile. When writing about yourself, your experiences, or your desires, make sure to elaborate on the positive, not the negative. Nobody likes a downer!

2 - " What do you have to offer? All too often, new members write a laundry list of wants without the consideration of a potential reader. Think of your bio as your own personal advertisement. Why do you shine? What makes you unique? What qualities do you possess that others will find appealing?

3 - " Put in effort! Writing 3 lines of text can be irritating for other members looking for you! It also displays a lack of intent, interest, and perhaps even the ability to hold a conversation in real life.

4 - " Hold back from telling your entire life"s story. While everyone loves a well-written and thought provoking bio, if it takes more than five minutes to read, you are losing viewership! A bio is not a blog. It is a snippet into you and what makes you wonderful.

5 - " Tell the truth. Do we need to clarify this one?

6 - " Spell-check and avoid text speak. Though we dig 1337 speak and txt, it can be an annoyance because of varying factors. Not everyone uses the same characters and it takes time to convert this type of language in the brain. Much like #4, people want a good understanding of who you are without having to "figure it out". In addition, all generations, Boomers, Xer"s, Yer"s, Millennials, do not consistently use this type of communication method and you are quickly killing your chances of finding others. Yes, you may to find others "just like you", but remember, ethical non-monogamy is also about opening oneself up to various possibilities!

7 - " Lastly, and not really about writing a profile; Don"t put up a “mug shot” like photo. Upload images that will attract the types of people you want in your life! Use images to where you are smiling, being active, having a good time. Our community is visual, profiles with images get more mail and have better interactions with other members, however if your image is unflattering it will work against you.

That's about it.

Thanks for reading!