PolyMatchMaker.com (PMM) closed its doors as a social site effective June 1st, 2023

It has been our greatest honor serving the ethically non-monogamous community since 2000.

PMM had grown from a small 200 member forum board to millions of hits to our site over the last few years.

We have always understood the importance of the representation of ethically non-monogamous persons within the dating space. Our small but mighty mission has been an amazing journey and we are happy to have walked this road with each of you.

This difficult decision was based on a great many factors. However, at the end of the day, we plan to re-focus our efforts towards advocacy, speaking engagements, and endorsement of ethical/consensual non-monogamy through other avenues.

20 Year Highlights

Global acceptance of Polyamory and Ethical Non-Monogamy in modern society.

Continued growth in networked and non-hierarchical dynamics.

Clearer boundary settings during a courting phase to eliminate frustration in relationship evolution.

As for this domain, the glossary and legal documents will remain active as-is until we decide our next steps.

Until then, thank you for being a valued member of our site.

Asian Lives Matter ALWAYS

Black Lives Matter ALWAYS

Indigenous Lives Matter ALWAYS

LGBTQQIAAP+ /Non-Binary/Non-Cis/Gender non specified Lives Matter ALWAYS

Persons of Color Lives Matter ALWAYS

Trans Lives Matter ALWAYS

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