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Poly Related Links

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Intentional Communities
Information and access to crucial resources for seekers of community, existing and forming communities, and other friends of community

Network For a New Culture
Seeks to build a sustainable, violence-free culture through exploring intimacy, personal growth, transparency, radical honesty, equality, compassion, sexual freedom, and the power of community

The Sacred Space Institute
Love Without Limits. Healing, sacred sexuality, community development and new paradigm relating

Polyamory Society
The Polyamory Society is a nonprofit organization which promotes and supports the interest of individuals of multi-partner relationships and families.

The Institute for 21st Century Relationships
Love That Works

Sexual Freedom Legal Defense and Education Fund, Inc.
Polyamory, swinging, BDSM and fetishism are among the kinds of practices which may expose people to legal problems. This site can help.


Loving More Magazine
Loving More publishes Loving More Magazine - the only magazine dedicated exclusively to topics involving multi-partner relating.

Wendy-O Matik is a Bay area based freelance writer, published poet, and radical love activist. She is the author of Redefining Our Relationships: Guidelines for Responsible Open Relationships (2002).


Poly Meetups
Meet fellow Polyamorists in your area! Come to a local Polyamory Meetup to meet other supporters of multipartner relationships and families. Talk about open relationships, polyfidelity, honesty, respect and alternate forms of commitment. Anyone interested is welcome!

Poly ICQ List
Take a look around, leave a message, meet a new friend, learn a new word, and by all means, have FUN!

Sexual Awareness

Satyr's Domain
Personal Domain of fetish, BDSM and the altar to the glory of sadomasochistic pleasures; one of LA's few pro switches.

The purpose of this site is to create a resource page listing Polyamory groups, resources, meetings, etc.
This is a home page for the Usenet newsgroup alt.polyamory.

Relationship LLCs
Limited liability companies, "LLCs", may prove to be the new marriage model.
These pages review books about or related to polyamory.