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Poly 101

Anything and Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Polyamory
by poly_boi and our own PMM'er Joreth

Our own PMM'er Joreth gives her perspective

Free Love Grows Up
by Alicia Potter

Polyamory: Loving Unlimited
by PolyPagan

by Rob van Glabbeek

Quantum Love: a Beginner's Guide to Polyamory
by Emily Nagoski

Slipping the Ties that Bind
by Peter Staudenmaier

A crazy little thing called...Compersion
by Eric Francis

Poly is Political: Choosing the freedom to choose
by Eric Francis

Never Do This: Common Poly Mistakes
by Franklin Veaux

Models Of Open Relationships
by Kathy Labriola, Counselor/Nurse

Polyamory: "Loving Unlimited"
by Ayran Aluna

Kosher Polyamory
by Doreen Bell-Dotan

Polyamory vs. Swinging

Polyamory vs. Swinging
by Liberated Christians

How Is Polyamory Different From Swinging?
by Stef Jones

Sex & Polyamory

Poly Sex for Beginners
by Elizabeth Larsen

Sex Addiction and Polyamory, and How to Tell the D
by Kathy Labriola

Profile Tips

Tips for building a "Good Profile"
Written by: Diane (Ivanova) - September 15, 2003

From the Desk of TeamPMM

STDs and You
by TeamPMM

iDate 2008 Miami
Originally written by Thizbee

Female & Poly

by Mistress Matisse

Poly and Family

Outing Your Polyamorous Lovestyle to Your Kids
by Jerome Aery

Living Poly

Coming Out as Poly
by Sean Sullivan

Polyamory: One plus one plus...
Feature article for the Stranger

Husbands and Wives
by Meghan Daum

Love the Ones You're With
by Jennifer King

When two won't do LOVE IS ALL AROUND
by Stephanie Nolen

Stranger in a super-friendly land
by Lady Chimmerly

Three's company; so is four or five
by Jim Gerard

Multiply Your Love: Polyamorists swear the more,
the merrier when it comes to relationships

by Rona Marech

Henry & Mary & Janet & ...
by John Cloud Time Magazine

No Boundaries
by Name Withheld

Limitless Love
by Name Withheld

Multiple Choice
by Pamela Griner Leavy Weekly Planet